Blissful Mobile Groming

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Blissful Mobile Grooming knows your lap dog deserves only the lap of luxury.

Our Full Service Groom includes everything your dog needs because we treat each pet like family! We only use products and techniques that we would use on our own fur-kids.


All of our services are priced based on the time, care and attention that your pet requires.

Hydro Massage Bath

We use All Natural, Luxury Shampoos & Conditioner tailored to your pet's skin and coat. All shampoos and conditioners used by Blissful Mobile Grooming are biodegradable, non-toxic, all natural or organic, these exclude any medicated shampoos used for the treatment of skin conditions.

Blueberry Facial

An All Natural, tearless cleanser that whitens, brightens and leaves your dog’s face sparkling clean. In mild cases the blueberry facial helps remove tear stains.

It is my personal opinion that it also helps the pet feel pampered, I love having a facial too!

Warm Towel and Dry

Fresh Warm Towel followed by a Fluff Dry by Hand using Soothing Techniques.

Blissful Mobile Grooming does not crate dry dogs, if your pet has had a traumatic experience at another groomer's please let us know so we can we work with your pet to become comfortable with hand drying. Many pets need patience and understanding to trust their groomer enough to hand blow-dry them. 

Ear Cleaning / Ear Hair Plucking

Ear health is very important! Blissful Mobile Grooming uses a gentle alcohol-free cleanser that does not burn or irritate your pet’s ears. We only pluck hair in the ear canal to create proper air flow. If your pet has not had its ears plucked in over 1 month we will work over several visits to get the canal free of hair. If your pet has an ear infection, we will not hurt or put your pets at risk by taking excessive hair out or cleaning an infected ear.

Enzyme biased medicated ear cleaner is available for use upon request.

Nail Trimming / Filing

Keeping your dog’s nails short is vital, especially as your dog ages. We clip and file pets nails as short as possible, as they allow us. If your pet becomes stressed during the clip or filing process, we will work with your pet each time to gain their trust. Blissful Mobile Grooming will not man handle your pet into submission. We will restrain your pet with grooming loops for safety as needed.

Teeth Brushing / Oral Spray

In order to help maintain a healthy mouth, Blissful Mobile Grooming uses the Oratene Brushless Oral Care System. We start with their Brushless Toothpaste Gel and will brush their teeth as they allow us. As a final step we will also apply Oratene Mouth Spray to help continue the breakdown of plaque, and odor causing bacteria! 

For pets with excessive build up we suggest applying Oratene Mouth Spray 30 minutes before we arrive. We are more than happy to irrigate your pet’s teeth if they allow us.

Oratene was developed by the creator of Biotene products. She specially formulated this Oral Health System to relieve dry mouth symptoms, remove plaque biofilm, and inhibits odor causing bacteria!

Oratene is a part of the Zymox Collection; for more information visit 

Brushing / Combing

Depending on your pet's breed, age and at home brushing/combing routine will determine how much time Blissful Mobile Grooming will spend brushing/de-shedding your pet during our visit. If your pet is not currently on a successful brushing/combing routine, it may take several appointments to get your pet's coat back to health. Blissful Mobile Grooming strongly suggests clients to brush/comb their pet thoroughly 30 minutes prior to your appointment to make sure there are no knots or tangles in your pet’s coat. 

Clipping, Shaving, Scissoring

Most busy professionals prefer their pet in a 1/2 inch or shorter 'puppy cut', this refers to a one length all over clip, it's the easiest to maintain, groom and allows your pet to live an active lifestyle. Clients interested in a 'breed standard cut', 'pattern clip', or 'scissor cut' will be taken at a case by case basis. These grooms are more time consuming, require more patience from your pet. Clients should expect an additional 30-60 minutes of groom time, averaging to an additional $30 - $60 for 'breed standard cut', 'pattern clip', or 'scissor cut'. 

Dogs who have coats an inch or more in length take considerably more time than a pet in a 'puppy cut'. All full and drop coated pets will be required to be on a 2-4 week schedule and will be required to be scheduled as a last appointment of the day, no exceptions. These coats need to be treated with extreme care, the wrong shampoo / technique / one rainy day or 'run in the mud' may make your pet so matted we will have no choice but to start all over.


Clients interested in hand-stripping grooms will be taken on a case by case basis.